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Physical Exam

X Rays

Annual pet exams can help monitor your pet reptile’s health and look for early signs
of problems such as dermatitis, respiratory infection and other pathological conditions.
Your veterinarian can detect problems and give you advice for treating them.
A complete physical exam by your veterinarian is recommended every 6 months.
Radiographs are the most common form of imaging used by veterinarians. X rays are
an important tool to evaluate internal organs, bones and joint pathologies.
We also provide Nutritional, habitat  & Behavior Advice per species.
Feeding behavior, activity, and to a lesser extent, reproduction in reptiles are improved
with full-spectrum light, which has qualities similar to natural sunlight and includes
ultraviolet rays. Fluorescent bulbs that produce UVB wavelengths in the range of 290 to 320
nanometers are the most appropriate for reptile enclosures.
Common pets seen: Turtles, Tortoises, Geckos, Lizards, Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Snakes (non Venomous), and more!